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Vaughn GX1 Pro Goalie Ice Hockey Skates Senior

Unique boot designed specifically for a goaltender. Full volume for superior foot support and fit.




Vaughn Pro Elite Cage Titanium

The cage is made from an ultralight Titanium




Vaughn Toe Bar w/ Lace Tie-On Laces (Pair)

Tie on toe assembly for Vaughn Velocity (or similar style) leg pads. Includes one (1) pair per order.




Vaughn Velocity 7800 Goalie Knee & Thigh Guards Sr

Ultra HD foam construction; Contoured shape fits under goalie pants; Fits any Vaughn Sr. leg pads




Vaughn Ventus LT88 Goalie Pants Senior

The Ventus LT88 goal pant is designed with a wide profile cut to create added room and comfort with a large diameter upper waist section for a loose fit and to give complete coverage and flexibility for improved body movement.




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