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Vaughn GX1 Pro Goalie Ice Hockey Skates Senior

Unique boot designed specifically for a goaltender. Full volume for superior foot support and fit.




Vaughn Toe Bar w/ Lace Tie-On Laces (Pair)

Tie on toe assembly for Vaughn Velocity (or similar style) leg pads. Includes one (1) pair per order.




Vaughn Velocity 2000 Pro Lexan Goalie Throat Protector

The 2000 Lexan Throat Guard is designed with a curved and flared chin area that allows the unit to fit tighter to the upper chest for added protection and allows the unit to slide across the jersey without catching and limiting head motion.




Vaughn Velocity 7800 Goalie Knee & Thigh Guards Sr

Ultra HD foam construction; Contoured shape fits under goalie pants; Fits any Vaughn Sr. leg pads




Vaughn Ventus LT88 Goalie Pants Senior

The Ventus LT88 goal pant is designed with a wide profile cut to create added room and comfort with a large diameter upper waist section for a loose fit and to give complete coverage and flexibility for improved body movement.




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